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Relocating, also known as PCSing (Permanent Change of Station), is a way of life when you're in the military, but it's also a time of tremendous change. While a PCS can be exciting, it can also be a challenging time compounded by the cost, stress, and hundreds of details that must be addressed. With all you have going on, pay close attention to the financial side of your move.

When preparing for an upcoming relocation, we encourage you to meet with a Community Bank associate to create a step-by-step plan for ensuring a smooth transition of your banking services. Consider the following checklists prior to meeting with your local associate:

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If you're returning to the U.S.:

  • Set up an Account Life Extension (ALE) for up to 90 days after your departure.
  • Set up a Loan Continuation Program to continue making loan payment.
  • Pay your Line of Credit in full before you leave.
  • Provide a forwarding address and phone number.
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If you're staying overseas:

  • Based on your next active duty location, you may be able to continue using your Community Bank account. Check with a Community Bank associate for the requirements.
  • Based on your new active duty location, you may be able to access your account at a Community Bank location, through Online Banking, ATM, or by phone.
  • If services are provided, visit the closest banking center to update your information.
  • Continue making your loan payments from your Checking or Savings Account.
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Relocating back to the U.S. or to another location overseas involves planning. Use these tips and tools to make it a little easier:

  • Get organized with a PCS checklist to help identify what you need to do and keep track of.
  • During your move, use our Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or one of nearly 300 ATM locations to maintain 24/7 access to your bank account while on the go. Ask your local Community Bank associate or call Customer Service if you have questions about your account or about banking services you might need during the move.
  • Setup Overdraft Protection and a Line of Credit. It's a hectic time, and if you forget to check your account and accidently overspend, you're protected against bounced checks and the related fees.
  • Although many of your PCS expenses are covered by the military, out-of-pocket expenses add up quickly if you're moving a family pet, eating out frequently, or shipping more than one car — especially if your spouse is in between jobs because of the move. Apply for a Community Bank Signature Loan to help bridge the gap until you are fully transitioned.
  • If you're relocating to a different country and need to convert currency, use our Currency Exchange Calculator to figure out the local amount.
  • If you're stationed in Europe and have a few remaining bills to pay before you leave, use our Euro Bill Payment or Sterling Bill Payment to pay those last remaining bills.
  • If you're married and your spouse has been working and contributing to your household income, you will need to fund the income gap before he or she finds a job at your new location. Open a Savings Account specifically for your move and name it 'PCS' to create a safety net for your upcoming move as well as your next PCS.
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Relocation Financial Toolkit

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Planning a smooth relocation can be challenging and time consuming, so it's important to spend time setting goals and creating an action plan to make sure the financial part of your life also goes smoothly.

  • Familiarize yourself with how to manage your PCS. Review the tips and questions/answers that can help you during this time.
  • Print the PCS checklists. Start crossing off items you have already done.
  • Contact Community Bank Newcomer Services at your new location to understand the products and services specific to that area, such as Local Currency Checks. If you will be without some of the services you're accustomed to, ask for guidance on how to handle your banking needs in an alternate way.
  • List your goals, and create an actionable plan (complete with timeline) for achieving your goals.
  • Implement your plan.
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It's getting closer to your PCS date, and you're probably busy making sure all details of the move are covered. Now is a good time to revisit your plan to make sure everything gets accomplished.

  • Look at your current checklist. How much is complete? If you haven't done as much as you thought you would, now's the time to reset your schedule.
  • Review your plan each week.
  • Print your checklists and place them where they are always visible.
  • Reassess dates if necessary.
  • If you have someone else fulfilling some of the checklist items, make sure you both are crossing things off the list.