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Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Family emergencies, divorce, and even identity theft can hit when you least expect it. While we can't help you avoid all of life's curveballs, we can assist you with your finances when the unexpected happens.

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Unwanted Change Financial Toolkit

These articles and tools provide general information and specific steps to help you through a crisis.1

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Experiencing a family emergency can be hard, especially when you need to get back home to the States.

  • If you have an emergency fund in place, that's great. But if you don't, and need to get home quickly, a Community Bank Signature Loan can help cover the costs of emergency travel. Apply Online now.
  • If you need to leave quickly and are concerned about how to pay your bills while you're gone, setup an Online Banking account to pay your rent and utilities in your absence. A transaction fee may apply. Speak to a friendly Community Bank associate to learn about the options in your area.
  • Learn about Emergency Family Assistance.
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Divorce can lead to significant life changes that can be especially difficult when overseas.

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Becoming the target of identity theft and sorting through the mess can be especially difficult when you are overseas. Here's what you can do if you experience Identity Theft:

  • Read Identity Theft: Recovery Plan. While this helpful guide was created for all consumers, the information presented still applies to military personnel, and there is a special section that addresses active duty military specifically.
  • Implement the immediate steps recommended by the FTC:
    • Place an Initial Fraud Alert
    • Order Your Credit Reports
    • Create an Identity Theft Report
  • Implement Active Duty Alerts on your credit report, which means that creditors will take extra steps to verify your identity and guard you from financial imposters.
  • Some states also allow a Security Freeze on your credit report, providing an even greater level of protection.
  • Enroll in Online Banking to receive e-mail Account Alerts on your Community Bank accounts to become aware of failed login attempts on your user profile, new external transfer accounts, ID changes, and other attempts on your account and related information. Establish and set-up your specific Account Alerts in Online Banking.
  • Consider adding an Extended Alert to your credit report.
  • Meet with an on-base financial counselor for additional guidance.
  • Read Military Remain Vulnerable to Identity Theft
  • Read Identity Theft: What if Your Info is Stolen?

1 The information presented is not tax, legal, or estate planning advice. Consult with your tax, legal, or estate planning professional regarding your specific situation.

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For each life event listed below, create an action plan to help prepare for each situation. Keep in mind that these life events are unexpected so you'll have to anticipate the possibilities to prepare as best as you can. Use the calculators and worksheets we've provided to anticipate the best solutions.

  • Family emergency
  • Divorce
  • Identity theft
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After 3 months, review each action plan:

  • Does each plan still make sense?
  • Are there new tools or alerts that might help you prevent a problem in the future?
  • Are there on-base services you've become aware of that might help you in your planning? Adjust your plans as necessary, and set a reminder to review your plans each year.

Staying alert to the possibilities of these life-changing events can help prevent negative financial impact.