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Enhancements to Online Banking's sign–in security are an easy and free way to help prevent identity theft and fraud, and maintain internet banking security.

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How do these security enhancements work?

Enhanced security measures help to secure your account information by protecting you from fraud and identity theft in two ways. First, they help to verify that you're at the valid Online Banking site at Community Bank, rather than at a phony look-alike site. Secondly, they help us make sure that it is, in fact, you who is attempting to sign in to your account. If we don't recognize your computer, we'll ask you one of your challenge questions as an additional line of defense against unauthorized access to your accounts.

Do the Online Banking sign-in enhancements use cookies?

One of the ways we recognize you is by placing a cookie on your computer when you upgrade your Online Banking security. The cookie contains a randomly generated, unique number used as an identifier. When you sign in after that, your web browser sends us this cookie, which lets us know that you're using your own computer. The cookie is visible only to the Online Banking site at Community Bank and does not contain any personal information. You can also access Online Banking from any number of computers and have the same enhanced security login protections.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file created by an Internet site to store information on your computer, such as your preferences, when visiting that site. Think of a cookie as an identification card that's uniquely yours. Its job is to notify the site when you've returned. Cookies tell us how often you visit pages, which helps us find out what information interests you. In this way, we can give you more of the content you like and less of the content you don't.

Does Online Banking sign–in use Flash Objects?

Yes, if you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, we will use Macromedia Flash Objects to identify your computer in the event that we can't identify your cookies. By using Flash Objects as a backup method for recognizing you as a valid user, we ensure that your sign–in experience is as quick and convenient as possible.

What is a flash object?

Macromedia Flash Objects store data on your computer in much the same way that cookies do. If you have Macromedia Flash installed, Community Bank can use Flash Objects to recognize your computer in the event that you erase all your cookies. That way, even if we can't identify you by your cookies, we can identify you as a valid user without having to ask you one of your enhanced security sign–in challenge questions.

What if someone steals my password? How will these enhanced security measures prevent them from accessing my account?

When an unauthorized person tries to sign in from another computer, we will recognize that they're using a different computer, and so we'll ask one of your challenge questions. They won't know the answer and will not be able to sign in to your account.

Why do I need to set up challenge questions?

Challenge questions help prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your Online Banking information. That way, even if they've stolen your User Name and password, they won't know the answer to the challenge questions. And if someone signs in from a computer that we don't recognize (for example, if you sign in from a public library), we'll ask you a challenge question to verify that it's really you.

Can I access Online Banking from multiple computers?

Yes, you can access Online Banking from any computer and have the same security protections. If you sign in from a computer that you haven't used for Online Banking before, you just need to answer one of your challenge questions to verify that it's really you. Once you answer the question correctly, we will ask you if you would like us to recognize that computer in the future. If you answer yes, you will not need to answer a challenge question when you use that computer in the future.

I share my computer with someone who also uses Online Banking. Can both of us still sign in from this computer?

Yes. You can use the same computer to sign in to your individual Online Banking accounts safely; you won't see each other's information. There's no limit to how many people can sign in to Online Banking at Community Bank from the same computer. Just remember not to share your User Name, password, or answers to your challenge questions.

Can I change my challenge questions?

Yes, you can change your challenge questions at any time. To make the change, sign in to Online Banking and go to the Service Center tab. Then click on Change your challenge questions or Answers link.